Terms of Service

End of Lease & Pre-Sale

  • All End of Lease & Pre-sale cleans are required to be paid (100%) in full prior to our commencement.
  • No Sweat End of Lease cleans are guaranteed & executed to real estate cleaning standards; this means our team will return (at no cost) if your agent identifies any area/s that require further attention, to ensure a full refund of your rental bond.
  • If an End of Lease revisit is required, we will ensure our revisit is completed within 48hrs of us receiving advice from the leasing agent/landlord (via email). 
  • All interior windows are included as part of our End of Lease clean, as well as those exterior windows where reasonable access is possible. Any exterior windows requiring a large ladder or scaffolding would need to be completed by an independent professional.
  • We will assume that prior to our End of Lease clean appointment your property will be entirely vacated and contain no large furniture or rubbish items. Failure to fully vacate before our visit, or failure to remove all furniture items (without prior notice) will result in an additional charge of $100 on your final invoice, and will void our cleaning guarantee..
  • If your furnished apartment requires an End of Lease clean, you are required to disclose this fact prior to our visit to ensure this job is property quoted.


Domestic & Commercial

All Domestic & Commercial cleaning jobs quoted over $250 require a 50% deposit to be paid prior to the commencement date, with the remaining balance due within 7 days of completion. 

  • If  you would like to reschedule or cancel your appointment at least 24hrs notice is required to be provided to us, email contact@nosweatcleaning.com to advise of any requested change..
  • Failure to provide adequate notice (24hrs) of a postponement or cancellation will result in you (client) being liable for the invoiced amount of our service up to $200, for quotes over $400, a 50% late cancellation charge will be applied..
  • If our team is unable to gain access to a property due to the fault of the client then an obstructed access you (client) will be liable for the invoiced amount of our service up to $200, for quotes over $400, a 50% late cancellation charge will be applied.
  • Regular domestic rubbish is removed as part of our service, however there will be additional charges for our removal of large rubbish items (not regularly placed in a household bin) i.e appliances, large boxes, broken furniture etc.


Complaints & Resolutions

  • In the event you are unsatisfied with our cleaning service delivered, kindly put your concerns to us in writing via contact@nosweatcleaning.com a manager will then be in touch to discuss a potential revisit to the job if the service was not delivered to satisfaction, as per our quote & outlined scope.
  • No Sweat Cleaning reserves the first right to revisit any job where a complaint has been made in order to remedy the situation and deliver a mutually agreeable outcome for both parties.
  • Failure or refusal to pay an outstanding account will result in a third party debt collection agency being assigned to collect monies owed.
  • Any approach or attempt to solicit & recruit No Sweat cleaners for private work (external to our direct engagement) will result in our Company seeking punitive damages from offending clients, commencing from $2000.

    Payment Terms

  • No Sweat Cleaning requires payment upon invoice being issued 
  • Failure to finalise payment of your invoice before the due date may result in an additional late payment charge of $15/week being added to your invoice.
  • End of lease cleans/ Once off cleans/ Builders cleans/ are to be paid in full 24 hours prior the agreed start time.